Monday, November 20, 2017

Movin In

Dat wazza biggie job Dad
You betcha Buddy. I am so glad we are mostly moved in.

Ah sure needin a restful
Buddy all you did was nap in all your new spots

Ah hadda find-em didn't ah!
Lez show em da placer nex weekz. Time fur nappy
I agree

Buddy Budd
Dad Pete

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Toby

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We are still busy with moving. Dad has to go back upstairs to get a shower so I am going to help with the tile down here today.
That meowed, I volunteered to be our family selfie today

Now you have a very handsome Panfur to show the 

guests on Turkey Day. Just Print out my Selfie!
May you have lots of leftovers!

Toby Tomcat

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday with Fitz: In My Way

You're in my way. Timmy!
None of your guff. Fitz!

Oh Really! *Whack*
*Block* Hey!

You stop your behavior This Instant!

Whispers: Or what?
You'll find out!


Oh... Truce
No one saw that did they?
Oh they sure did. You got whipped by a Girl!
No. I didn't!
Yes. You did!
You're in my way. Fitz!
None of your guff. Timmy!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Monday, November 13, 2017

Rumpy's Friendship Movie Time

We are moving so this may be our only post this week! Hah. From the best cat too!

Wow Dad I didn't know you could watch us later on
Yep. It's called a movie 

Just look at my very best buddy, Einie, playing
He sure is a energetic little fellow

He does that exact move when we play... *sigh*
You two really love each other

That we do Dad, that we do

Einstein! Einstein where are you?
I'm right here Rumpy, no need to yowl

What is all this then?
Oh, I was just thinking how you are my dearest friend

I'm more than that. I am your Brofur!
And I yours, Brofur!
You really are silly sometimes Rumpers
Let's play Chase N Wrassle
Come on

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Dad Pete

Monday, November 6, 2017

Buddy Budd: Conflict over Cuddle

Hey Buddy lets play
Yoo gotz it Blue Tailz

*Rawr, Bitey*

You are one scary cat Buddy

I'm gonna get away
No wayz *Grab*

Are you two done cuddling?

Sleepin wit one eyez open Timmerz!
What Buddy Says!

Timmy Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Blue Tail

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Buddy Gettin Round to a Nappy

Visiter da Cat on My Headz ta see all our palz Selfiez!

Yo Frez. Buddy Budd here. Ah nappin cauz me an Dad
be packin. Movin soon and ah caint waitz.
Go head Dad taker mah Selfiez!

Buddy you really are photogenic
Don't ah knowz it. Diz one fur you Kali!

Buddy Budd
Dad Pete

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday with Fitz: Laid Out

What a busy week. Furst it was Halloween. What a blast.
Lots of Nip, Noms and Dancing with my Boy Toy Toby

Then The Day of the Dead. I really enjoyed remembering our Family Angels.
Is it any wonder I am Tired and All Laid Out

Now Shush so I can get a quick Cat-Nap in!

Miss Fitz

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Tomcat Family Celebrate the Day of the Dead

We are celebrating the day of the dead by thinking of those who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We are so thankful to Dad for having given them and us a loving home.

Peppy was a big old Tomcat that Dad had when they still had the family restaurant. He was a gentle fellow with kits and his gal but a terror with local dogs and other Tomcats.

Patches was Peppy's main gal pal. They were from the time before
Spay/Neuter and so had many happy kits who Dad helped find homes for.

Ming the Merciless was Dad's Siamese Huntress. She lived with Dad in his room and all his friends were afraid of her. She would make nice and then bite to the bone. She loved hunting and made sure to bring prey home to eat. She hated other girls and would poop or pee in their shoes when they visited Dad. A gal after my own heart.  

Peep girl aka: Pee was another of Dads little girls. She had a bum leg from an injury before she came to Dad and had a little swoop when she walked. She LOVED being with kit and no matter what Dad did she would get out and come home dirty, happy, and preggers. She was spayed and then made sure she kept her last kitten, Inky, under her paw. Her name was from her little Peep meow.

That lil'feller Inky was a cool dude. Dad called him da self-petting-cat as he wood get all exciter an rub gainst anything but yer hand after a fast head rub. Har Har Har. He lived to almost 23. Dad thinks it cauz he love ta drinkin wata. Ah doez too an gonna livin long, long, long! Yessir!

Amber was a kitty that Dad inherited from his Mom. She was a Fluffy Orangie and shed more than Rumpy if you can believe that. She was so happy to move in with Dad, Timmy and Toby and had a great time with them.

Coco also moved in with Dad after Mom passed. He was a Sphynx with not a hair on his body. When Dad went to bed Coco would run right under the covers and start his purr motor. Any other time he would be on Dads lap under his special blankie.

All our Angels visit in our dreams and tell us amazing things about being over the Rainbow Bridge. We love them all and are thankful to Dad for giving us all a wonderful loving home. 

Befur ya goez didja figgur out whoz was whoz? Betcha didntz guess Buddy Budd. Har Har Har

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from the Tomcat Home

Hello friends and welcome to the Tomcat Family Ghoulish Pawty.
We are all here FrankenBudd, Bat Cat Buttons, Dracenstein, Bloody Fitz, Headless Timmy, Super Bump, and Toby the Reaper.
Our guests are here too

MwaHaHaHa tis I FrankenBudd wit my handsome Bride Kali!
Our Parts are ready to Part-tay, Hee Hee Hee
Dat we iz mah dearezt. I just introdooced mah left and right hands
Oh Buddy you are such a Ham, Spiral-Cut,  Hee Hee Hee
Oh Kali mah  Cut-Up cutie!

Oh my dear Dracenstein don't those two piles of parts look cute
They sure do my Sharp Toothed Shoko. Lets fly off and top off with a couple of pints my sweet
Lets do it my handsome Fanged Fellow

Excuse my voice but I have a sore throat Mwa Ha Ha Ha
You are all invited to dig into our Halloween Goodies

Have a few... fingers...
What do you have Reaper Toby

Keep an eye out fur our pasta. What do you have Bloody Fitz

Reaper you are a funny life ender. I like finger food myself
Bat Cat how about you

Punkin barf is delicious. FrankenBudd how about you

Me an mah Bride Kali gotz some smashed taters wit bacon...
And lots of sour cream on top. Tasty fur sur
How about you my Bloody Sister Shoko and her Drackenstein
We brought the Mummies
They are all wrapped up so they can't escape
Super Bump bring us home buddy

I have some cookies that will keep an eye on your waistline
And of course

Smores! A Super Ending to a Halloween Feast!
Um, Bloody Fitz can you lend me a paw?
What gives Headless Timmy?
I was helping serve the Mummies and dropped my head
I think it bounced into a pile of Jack-O-Lanterns
Oh No!
Friends can you help Timmy find that pesky head MOL

Headless Timmy
Toby the Reaper
Kali Bride of FrankenBudd from Canadian Cats
Super Bump
Bloody Fitz
Bat Cat Buttons
Bloody Shoko from Canadian Cats