Monday, January 15, 2018

Man Cat Monday: Treat Talks

Whats the big idea?

You jumped in and took some of my treats!
No. I. Did. Not. I just ate the ones Dad threw to us

You KNOW the Rumpy/Family Treat Ratio
And it was You who came up with that

So, it still stands! Little Grasshopper
I am a big cat now. I can make my own Treat Decisions

The grow too soon old and too late smart

Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Selfie: Rumpy & Einstein

Alright who is up fur today? Come on you cant all be shy today. Rumpy you haven't been posting of late how about you? Einstein maybe you are up for a Selfie? Where are you two? Oh...

Hey you two. Wake up!
Zzzzz Zzzzz
Zzzzz Zzzzz

Mr Buttons is stable but not great. Buddy is doing better than ever. Miss Fitz is recovering from her dental. She had a toothie out and has bad gingivitis. Dad is trying to figure out how to medicate her as she is not happy. Sigh 

Timmy Tomcat
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Buddy is Just Ducky

Ah don't knowz who dese Ducky Fellas iz
 but dey showin up tadayz

It's Rubber Ducky Day today Buddy.
They are Dads pals and visiting us

Az long az dey don't take any my treaterz dey can stayI really dont think they will and...
Jus keep an eyez on em!
Alright Big Blue

We want to thank all our friends who are sending purrs 
to Mr Buttons. He is out today visiting us all.

Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd

Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday with Fitz: Bear Story

Hi Friends, Fitz here.
Did you all make it through the deep freeze?
I hope so. Anymeow I go in for a Dental tomorrow. Send Purrs

To get my mind off that here is the story of the Christmas Bear
that I promised way back when.

There once was a bear that was really dying to see Santa Paws. He tried and tried but could not think of a way to get to the North Pole. Then, one day, a cranky Old, Old, Old Gray Cat, that was kind of Floppy, yelled out to the bear: Yo bearz! Whut wit chu anymeowz? Yoo wanna visitin da Norther Polez ya gotta mailer ta Santa Claws!
Well the bear had a hard time understanding Budd... the Old Gray Cat. He thought he meant to mail himself rather that send a Christmas Card  with a wish written on it to Santa Paws. The silly bear had to find a big box to send himself in so he went to the  railroad tracks and stole one a fellow was living in. He ran to UPS, the U Plan Sendin store, told them where to pick up the box, ran around the corner and taped himself in. He was soon zooming over Hillndale, thats a bear town, toward the North Pole. 
Santa Paws was beside himself when the UPS plane landed with such a big package. He thought "How nice someone sent me a huge gift." At least he thought that until he found out it was had a large COD due. He paid the man in Cod and said:"Oh well. It must be those parts to make those special toys for all the good kitties. Hey Jumper and Hissten come get this box."
Well as soon as they picked it up the bear fell out the bottom and said "Surprise! Hi Santa! A great idea to come meet you isn't it, huh, isn't it, huh, huh!" 
Santa Paws eyes opened wide as his mouth dropped open! Suddenly, as he realized how much Cod he spent, his eyes narrowed and he raised up onto his rear paws. Hisston said to Jumper "Wait till ya see dis action, MOL" 
The bear thought he was the biggest creature in the forest as he had never seen a Magical White Santa Cat Grow... and Grow... and Grow! Soon Santa reached down and picked the bear up between two claws. He meowed "Because of you I spent oodles of Cod on a bit of bear hair! And that box, where did you get that box? It has 'River Billy' written on it and he is a nice fellow who feeds the feral cats whenever he eats. He is a FAV of mine even if he is Ooman! Oh I know! You wanted to see Christmas Magic did you..." 
"Boys take this bear who now has no cares and ship him to one of our favorite fur families!"
"Sure think Boss" Said Hisston. Then he and Jumper took the bear, the box and the UPS bill inside. 
That Christmas we got the bear with a note explaining what he was and why he is now wooden and can no longer enjoy eating Cod. 
River Billy woke up Christmas morn to find a new, better, insulated, with free electric heat, box waiting fur him. He knocked the icicle off his nose and went inside. There was a huge box of canned Cod for him and his feral friends to enjoy. "Thanks Santa Paws" he said being the only Ooman to ever see the Jolly White Cat. And finally each bear in the woods got a bill for 1 Cod payable immediately. You see Santa Claws hangs with all the other Magical Furs and they agreed something needed to be done.
Fitz yoo tellin dat storyz agin. Dad gonna...
Buddy you Hush. Its my day
K. Hey lookee who tiz! Ello B!
Hi Mr Buttons. Looking gooood

Bread N Butter
Bread N Butter
Think our friends can tell who's who?
Nope, MOL
Glad your'e feeling better
Me too Toby Thanks for all the purrs
You too Friends! They helped!

Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Mr Buttons
Miss Fitz